just making a thread that will hopefully stick for a while... >_>

I just need a little help and need to know a few things before starting on this...

the main thing being the need to know how to build a good update system >_>
my program will have a main loader that checks the program file UMC.py (the actual program),
and also checks a net directory on my server.

you can cancel the update if you wish. ;)

the rest of the files will be updated by the app:
plugin extensions
image handlers
program files

I just need to know if this is a good structure,
and the best way to build it if so :/

I need catagory names for my error codes
(just for something to follow when structuring them) >_>

please and thanx :)

well, I may as well make this bump informative :P

just to let everyone know, I'm back up and running at more than 95% ;)
I just wish I could get net -.-*

anyways, I'm ready for your ideas,
so hit me with your best ;)

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