Where are the function bodies to functions like
socket,bind,accept, etc??...

Using the c socket network programming for unix based systems,
we use the api, but where are the function bodies to these functions.

Im doing network programming, and I fill in the socket functions, bind, accept,
write, read, etc, but I would like to see the code from those functions.
Otherwise, im just filling in a blackbox function pretty much..
Where can I view the bodies to see how it works

Where to view?

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They are in the libraries, just like the standard C functions. Whether or not you can view the code for those functions depends on the compiler you have. GNU code is free if you download the compiler's source code. The code for other compilers may or may not be free.


that function is use in php connection via socket

This is the C forum, not PHP.

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If you work with a Linux OS, this functions are system call, you might find them in the kernel source code

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