I am a beginner to computer graphics and I have to add animations to the image of my national flag which look like this.

I have designed the flag alright.But I don't know what kinds of animations are possible and how.
Could someone please guide me how to add animations like fluttering and which functions/methods I should use to achieve them.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Also I am not looking/asking for complete code I am looking for pointers and guidance and any specific information that could be useful to me in this task .

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Why would you want to create an animation with graphics.h which is a very old and deprecated library?

Anyway here's a thread with a similar problem that talks about how the flag should have a wave like motion
-->link to said thread

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graphics.h is not part of c or c++ standards, so very few compilers support it. On MS-Windows the only compilers I know about that use it are Turbo C, which is ancient and obsolete. If you want graphics on modern operating systems then you need to learn modern compilers. Turbo C is nice to use for just your own programming enjoyment, but don't expect anyone else in the world to use it.

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