plz in need a vb 6 program for my project
about median and gaussian filter in image processing

thank you

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sounds interesting, let us know what you come up with.

commented: Well said, lol +13

sorry i meant i need a program
im in my last yearin enginerring collage

As Chris mentioned, we all need stuff in our lives. What have you came up with so far? If you're in your last year already, surely you must have an idea, show us what you have, especially code wise, where there are errors and THEN we will gladly help.

We do however do not help with homework here... see our rules and regulations here.

yeah i made a program in which i could open a bmp image and then convert it to gray one....but now we have to remove noise by median and gaussian filter...if you want me to write the program of what i did.i will..

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