how can i insert data from data base with selected Datagridview columns

i have insert combobox to Datagridview and it can load data from DB now i need insert data to another columns in Datagridview when i change combobox items

plzzz helpppppppppppppp

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its common for Datagridview

Then ur job becomes easy,

Open database connection,
Use this query to read data from database,

Select * from tablename where column_name='" & combobox1.text & "';



i need to know how to set selected data for grid view

From where exactly you select the data? Combobox right?

Check whether is this ur requirement,
when u select the data from combo box, Data Gridview has to display the corresponding values from database.


i need to show database values with combobox selected item

i think u did not understand my problem right :(

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