Guys, just a newbie programmer here. With 1 week experience in VB2008. I'd like to ask for assistance on making one of these inventory systems concepts. I hear its one of the basic programs a newbie can make.

This will be made for students financial monitoring. Like how much they should pay in an event. Of course will be needing to input student names and event names.

So I'd like to ask could you give me tips on what to do first?
*Set aside the database stuff first.

Like the main window, or a sample of a form to which I could encode and update entry payments for students. Am not asking for codes here just samples of forms or softwares I could get some ideas. :)

Thank you.

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You'll probably want something as follows -

Login form (Student, Lecturer, Moderator/Assessor, Admin)
Main form that will take you to all options of the app.
Student registration form
Courses offered by institution form
Institution Data form
Lecturer/moderator form
Payment Options form
Student Form (Edit, delete, reports etc.)
Financial form (only on student payments etc.)
Global reports form

These should cover the basics of what you need.

The "database stuff" is one of the first steps, before you understand what data you are going to store and how it is organised you can't really design an application to maintain it.

First think of all the data elements you want to collect
student name, date of birth, amount paid, event name etc. Then try and establish the entities to which they belong. eg student name and date of birth belong to student. Event Name belongs to event.

Once you have them grouped into entities think about how the entities relate to one another eg Student attends event

Now build your self a database, (most easily in MSAccess) to hold this data. If you have done all this well, then designing the interface will be a piece of cake.

Thank you so much for the great reply! ^^ Especially on the forms and sample images and also the database building too! ^^ Yes I'll be using the MSAccess for this one. :3
I've only got 2 more weeks to go. I hope I get this done.

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