I would consider myself a decent python programmer (this may or may not be true). In the past, I have had a few small python contracts and have been screwing around with the language for a few years (I also have experience with c++, java/html/css/javascript/etc). What I would really like to do is become involved in the open source community, as it seems like a great way to keep learning.


Know of any good open-source projects I could contribute to? I like science/research/games etc. Pretty much anything is fair game. Web programming is of interest to me as well. The point is just for me to become a better (python) programmer and to become involved in the open-source community.


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If you're in to math at all, I think Matplotlib is looking in to getting themselves working on Python3.


Thanks. Good call. I used matplotlib at work for a while plotting movement data. I suppose I owe them one! Any other suggestions?


Hmm... Kippo could use some work if you're in to security at all (it is a small honeypot with nice logging)

PyGame always seems to have needs, but I'd stay away from them if possible because they aren't all that friendly on IRC/Mailing lists in my experience; they'd rather have everyone just build modules than hack the source.

If you wanted to get involved with 3d Printing, I wrote a program a while ago to emulate a RepRap (some community users seem to still be using it) that could probably take some porting: http://code.google.com/p/reprap-franklin/

Jin-Plugin --a minimal but highly useful plugin framework-- would be a cool project to port (it currently supports PHP and Java) http://code.google.com/p/jin-plugin/

- Joe

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