Hi guys,
I am trouble to find out the solution can anybody help me,
I am developing an windows application in 2.0 framework in vs2005 and making exe but on some operating system (Windows7 service pack1 64 bit Home premium, windows xp service pack 3) it throws an error while double clicking on exe "Windows has stopped working"

Thanks in advance....

Was it compiled for a x86 architecture or a 64 bit one?
What assemblies are you referencing in it?
What does the program do? (Some relevant code maybe)

There's quite a bit of possible problems... We need to know a bit more about the application and how it was compiled.

It was compiled for a x86 architecture, also i have added all the assemblies in package.

Try compiling it for Any architecture or compile it seperately for 64 bit systems. And ensure that the included assemblies are compatible with a 64 bit architecture as well.