Alright, I concede that I need some expert help with this one. I've spent hours on Google just to find suggestions that don't work or make the problem worse.

Here's the scoop. I filmed a movie for a drama class I was teaching, and then used the Windows movie maker to put the project together. After having to convert the files and recreate the project twice, I managed to get the project published onto my external hard drive. However, when I try to use the Windows DVD Maker that came with Vista to create a dvd copy, it stopped at 99.2% and gave me a random error with no real information about why it would have stopped.

I went online to find dozens of forums suggesting everything from reformatting the hard drive, which seems excessive, to downloading codecs, which caused the program to shut down. Eventually I just tried to convert the completed project into a different file type, and now the program locks up during the compiling phase. Does anyone have a solution to this gremlin, or a free downloadable alternative that will still allow me to create a dvd with a menu?

This project was finished last semester, and the students are wondering when/if I'll ever get it done.

I just realized there is a seperate thread for software, I apologize for leaving this here.

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If solved elsewhere do ignore this... however I have in the past had troubles with windvd as it seemed to me to be flakey and a bit like vista not the best version in town.
This is not an advert but I solved all those problems similiar to yours by buying a commercial package ( with a name a bit like washing your hair product!) and it has worked very well for everything I have wanted to do on a modern powerfull set up and network.

Lower the speed of the burner to disk. Usually when you burn to disk, it will say (depending on the type of disk) 40x, meaning it will or can burn up to this speed, so if you are burning to a dvd at say 12x lower this to 4x, or 2x. Make sure you do this on a RW (re-writable) disk so as not to waste disks.

If by chance you are trying to copy a disc which is a Commercial Movie or Game or anything with write protection this is exactly what is supposed to happen as Microsoft has incorporated DRM Digital Rights Management into Vista to prevent Copyright Theft or Piracy. So if this is what you are attempting Vista is working exactly as it was designed to do and prevent this from occurring.[/I]

Windows DVD has given me problems since the day I installed it. Funny thing is the same problem you speak of above. No updates or fixes ever worked.

There are some free alternatives which I HAVE LISTED BELOW:

So think Movie DVD Maker:

IMG Burn:



Burn Aware Free:

SourceTec Software from Tech Republic:

Video DVD Maker form Tech Republic:

I've tried adjusting the speed to medium, I'll give slow a try and see how that goes. Unfortunately, I have no dvd RW as they are quite a bit more expensive and cost is currently an issue.

No worries on pirating, as this is an original project. I have a feeling that I'll be using one of the freebies you suggested. I'll post again with my results.

It's a shame that this program has so many gremlins compared to the free software that comes with Mac, not that I didn't have issues there as well, as both are easy to use.

Yeah, all of the patches, updates, and supposed fixes did nothing to help this program.

Ok, switching the speeds did nothing (got 99% and then it crashed), so I opted to go with the Sothink freebie. Not as customizable as the Windows one, but got it done on the first try. Why doesn't Microsoft fix this obviously broken lame duck program?

Thanks all.

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