I have a HP dv6 laptop running Windows 7/64. It's been working fine but all of the sudden my wireless connection stopped working and there were a number of messages regarding the network, system security and audio services not running. I've rebooted, but many of the services under Control Panel>Admin Tools> Services are not starting.
I've seen this once before on a Vista laptop and was able to get it running by using the recovery cd to repair windows. I plan to do that here, but I'm curious as to why this happens and in the case of Windows 7, if Repair will do it.

I'm running Norton AV that is up to date so I don't think it's a virus.

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will they start and run manually ??

No, services will not start manually. The machine seems to boot into Windows OK, but then I start getting warning messages about problems with audio, network, etc.

I'm fairly confident this problem was triggered by a Microsoft update. It happened on the next boot following a shutdown and application of updates and the laptop was brand new out of the box for 4 days when this happened and had been fully updated several days earlier. My user reported seeing 'DOS text' (white on black) prior to this happening. This is also similar to the Vista machine I described that I had previously seen this condition on.
So the fix was to go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > System Configuration and Enable all the Services and Startup items (other than those that I did not want). When I first got to these tabs everything indicated as Disabled. Once re-enabled and rebooted everything came back up fine.

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