i had made project on vb.net i have added snap shot of my project.I had created access database now i want to take date as input from the user & from that day i want to print all records & their total for each column. I had already created a from accepting the date.
Is there is need to create template or any thing please give the brief idea about this and some code also
thank you

From your question I take it you just want to print the recordset from your access query. There are many ways to do what you want. As I dislike playing with VS2008's reportviewer and for simple applications I feel the crystal reports is overkill.

I use the following:
1.Create a stored procedure/query that takes your Date parameter
2.Fill a dataset with the results
3.Write the results to xml file
4.Import the xml into an EXCEL spreadsheet
5.Print the spreadsheet

You can create your own class with excel, pass the dataset to it, and format it the way you want. This will skip the xml step. Printing the spreadsheet makes a very nice output.