I created simple exe file that contains month calendar control using framework 3.5 in XP machine and run this exe in vista the
month calendar control not fully display, i write the following code to check for OS

if (_operatingSystemName.ToLower().Contains("microsoft® windows vista™") == true)
                    QuickCalendar quick = new QuickCalendar(); // Form name
                    quick.Size = new Size(227, this.Size.Height); // Increase the form size
                    if (Environment.OSVersion.Version.Major >= 6)
                        this.Size = this.VaravuCalendar.GetPreferredSize(new Size()); // Calendar Size

What can i do to display the calendar fully and the form is not fully display..


Did you run the program in XP Compatibility mode?

No. am not run in Compatibility mode. Directly run the application.