Doing a program that requires 2 web forms, and the program stats
"We have elongated the window so you can see that the order
information was passed as a set of Request parameters appended to the URL." Can anyone give me an example? I have no idea how to append parameters to the URL.

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See if this helps.

Public Class Form1
    Private myCoolUrl As String = ""

    Private Function zCooLsub(selCoolParmeter As String) As String
        Return myCoolUrl & selCoolParmeter '// append Parameter to Url and Return it.
    End Function
    Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
    End Sub
End Class

Thanks for the help I have completed the assignment. It turns out they were talking about query string.

Also It says "Include with your submission external, internal, and design material" do any of you know what this is implying to?

It could mean to include any web-sites where you got an ide about how to build that query string.

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