Hello my fellow Danniwebbers,

I am going crazy here.

I have been messing around with the scanning packages(WIA and TWAIN) and have gotten WIA to work, but not as intended. At first I used the common dialog to show a Image Aquisition Wizard, but that did not return desired results. Next was twain, but still no help there. All I managed to find was the same C# program over and over and over again, "TwainGUI". A program written by NETMaster on codeproject.

What I would like to do is scan from the ADF and save immediately to the users working directory. The problem is I can't get WIA to keep scanning until the ADF is empty.

I have tried the ShowAquireImage, but I don't want the dialog to pop up every time until the tray is empty. I have also tried capturing the COMexception thrown from the scanner when the feeder is empty.

The primary concern is:

Psudo Code:


"Set scan settings"

"Is Feeder Empty?"
No - Scan



Does anyone anywhere have any information on this? I am pulling my hair out here. T_T

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The problem with WIA is a number of scanners don't fully support it (or don't support it at all) I used a product called EZTwain on one site where I had this problem which you might like to check out. You can download a trial version for free and the full version is only a few hundred dollars I think.

A long overdue response to the question/answer..... I have found an application written by NETMaster on codeproject, and tailored it, but still can't expose the true way to scan without the UI and pass in the parameters needed to perform the scan.

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