Hello guys, I want to ask the experts here, if what technology of .NET would I consider when my client wants his POS connected to a USB-based Scanner? Is still a serial communication? I'm a new programmer so please do give me some advice. thanks

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Can you be more specific as to the client's requirements? By POS do you mean "Point Of Sale" or are you referring to a "Piece Of S**t" computer? You won't find a scanner these days that uses the old serial port - just USB. Pretty much all scanners come with software so without knkowing details as to how it will be used it is hard to offer an opinion.

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POS computer made me laugh

They want to connect their scanner to the POS system. I need some tutorials on how to do that.


the scanners I have used simulate keyboard entry. That is, what is scanned appears as if the user has typed it on the keyboard. set focus on a textbox then scan and the data from the scanner will be placed in the text box. it is usually terminated with a CR so place some code in the Lost_Focus event to handle the data.

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