Hi is there anyone who can help me covert Microvolt output of a thermocouple to a temperature "Celcius".
i am having a deep burden on analyzing this formula from


If anyone good in math Can make simple program? lets say choose Type T of thermocouple and a certain range of temperature and

coefficient. so i can have basis to do the program. IF anyone could help me

please do as i am new and eager to do this task and wants to help others when i can

I really need a program that will convert Microvolt output of a thermocouple to a temperature "Celcius"

what i want to achieve is a user will input a certain value(numeric) then when a button is click it will convert a value microvolts to celcius or celcius to microvolts value.

Do you tryed some thing so far?
Did you created a project with a form?
In this form , do you added the labels, and the corresponding text boxes to enter the data needed?
Also, do you added a response label and textbox? And a button to start the calculation?
Did you added an event to the button click to know when the user wants to do the calculation?
In this event, do you validate the correcness of the input data?
Do you wrote the formula calculations?
And, Do you put the result in the result text box?

Please, let us know.