i have datagrid on my interface with few columns eg. student name, address and age. on top of that there is a text box to include the group name. i want to save all the grid data into table called "groups" in access database. as an instance under group 1 all the students names and their details. any easy way to achieve this? any help. thanks in advance.

yes you can easily do that , you have top use for loop to save your data ,

dim i as integer
for id = 0 to datagrid.rows.count-1
'here put your update command , and value of cells you can by like this
cellvalue = datagrid.item(0,i).value.tostring()'and you can use val(datagrid.item(0,i).value.tostring()) for integer value .

make some efforts , if you have any prob , then we are here to solve it :)