is there any way i can do this? As normally you can use a BB code on the post. But when using POST string it says error. i'm not sure if its because of the characters in the URL which are giving it an error but i've added \ in front of " etc

LINK is the BB Code, how can i make this work please? as i'm currently using this in a text box then postings it.

ive tryed


*Had to add space before "="

You might just need to push the individual characters as their HTML ASCII equivalent.

i have tryed this and still no luck



on websute post url it says this:


ive actually tryed putting this into the textbox to submit but no luck!


Ah yeah it does, reason its coming back not working is because it changes when pages loads and the prgram tryed to search for submited message which is the old code before converted.

Is there any way i can get round this? Or maybe create a {link|text} way? or replace all odd letters to ASCII code automaticly on submission

%5BURL%3D%22http%3A//link%22%5Dtest%5B/URL%5D is the string i get bk from the POST url.

Why does "[" = %5B in the post url and &#91 on ASCII website. they totally diffrent

its ok i fixed, it ended up working again lol =/