Hello Team Members;

I am new to programming, and have 2 issues that I cannot figure out. Sorry, for not providing the code, as I didn't know where to take it from.

here is my situation.
I have 2 projects in a solution (Csharp & vbNet), now because Charp is that starting point, I needed to make the necessary references, which work. In the CSharp project, I have a form called todo.cs, Now in my vbNet project I have a form called mmenu.vb, along with some buttons and images...Now what I want to do, is when I click on a button from the mmenu form, I want to call the todo form thats in the other project (CSharp)..How do I call it so when I press the button it calls the other form....

My second issue is;
I have 2 forms in my VBV project called addressbokDisplay and contactinfo, the contactinfo form holds a tab control where I take the users input (name, address, tel) from tab1 and additional info from tab 2 (email, DOB, salery, position, etc). Now in addressbookDisplay, I have a splittercontrol (a list box, and a listview box)...What I would like to do is capture only the name from (tab 1 - contactinfo), and place it in the listbox, and the remaining fileds (tab 2 - contactinfo) placed in the listview box, with their associated columns. The columns have already been made using the listview control pproperties (set columns)...So now it a matter of getting the list to populate.

Can some of you help me with this, and sorry for the length of this post, as I wanted to make sure, its fully understandable on what I am trying to do..


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Is the C# project a Class Library or in a public class?

Not sure if this is the correct answer, but its called cSharp.cls, so I would imaging it to be a class file.

You could create a library from the C# class. Then reference it to the vb.net project.

How would I do that? Sorry for the stupid question as I am new at this

Here is a good reference for what you need.

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