I've got a ListView which is normally hidden and Enabled=false;
I'm using the ItemChecked event Enable/Disable a button on the form (the button is disabled if nothing is checked)

If I add the ItemChecked event handler via the Designer in the usual way, it puts the code in the usual place and then when I enable the ListView it locks my app into an (apprently) infinite loop.
However, if I move the event handler assignment to a point AFTER the control is enabled, it works as expected.

I was just wondering if anyone can explain this behaviour... why is enabling a control with no checked items firing the ItemChecked event?

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Put some boolean flag into the code, so you can say to the code when it can be used and when not - but you.

I mean something like:

bool bFlag = false;

void buttonEnable()//event of button
    bFlag = true;  // this will prevent firing the ItemChecked code in the 1st go-through

void ItemChecked() //event of listView
       // put yout code in this even in here...
       bFlag = false;
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