hi guys!

could i please ask for some ideas on my project. I'm trying to do a basketball playbook manager. The application should allow users to create plays for basketball and generate a animation on how the play works. I just would like to ask how could I generate animations in vb.net? Thanks guys..Any ideas would be of great help

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animation in vb.net ....???

i think if u want to so it on .net platform only than u should go for

I am required to do it in vb.net though..What I am trying to discover is the user must be able to dictate where the object must go..For example if I want a player to move to the left I must draw a arrow pointing to the left and when I animate it the object must move following the path of the arrow I drew. Can anybody please give me some ideas how to do it?thanks



if you have to do it with VB.NET
then also for animation purpose u should go with apis that are used in VC++.

in VB.NET that same apis u can use in your unmanage code ...

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