I am currently making an application which can send recharge amount by using a mobile device. (Nokia E71).

So if anyone know what is the AT command for that please help me.....

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Dear all,

Currently i am developing an application in vb.net. Which will able to send sms through a nokia mobile phone and Airtel Sim card.

Now I know the AT commands for sending and receiving SMS's .

How can i send e-recharge through LAPO SIM (MASTER SIM) using AT commands.

In LAPO SIM(also known as Demo SIM/Master SIM), an application called "Refill Amount" already installed.

1. The retailer open this app and put my number
2. Now he put the amount to send
3. Now he enter his PIN
4. Now he send the amount

And at last My account is successfully recharged...

I think this application also use the GSM modem to send commands. I just want to know the commands for sending recharge to other phones....

But as you can see that the application just recharge other mobile by just sending sms then i think there is a way to do same thing manually by AT commands....

If any other method available please let me know.

Thanks in advance....

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