Tell me the best IDE for Python 3.4 version(Windows7 64bit)

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You probably won't be surprised to find out that this has been discussed here at length before, nor that no real conclusions were ever reached. The appeal and value of a development environment is a highly ideosyncratic thing, and what works for one programmer often doesn't suit another.

For what it is worth, I usually just stick to GNU Emacs, though Eric is also quite good in my opinion, if a bit tricky to get installed.

It's been asked before. My vote goes to vim.You don't need much mroe then a text editor your comfortable with for python.

The IDLE IDE that comes with your Python installation is a surprisingly good program and is Python specific. To my knowledge there have only been limited attempts to improve it in the last ten years.

One improvement is VIDLE that ships with Visual Python and the other is IDLEX that adds some well thought out extensions to IDLE.

To use IDLEX download
and extract it into
then run this little batch file ...

rem idlex34.bat
rem run IDLEX IDLE-extension with Python34
C:\Python34\pythonw.exe -u  C:\Python34\Lib\idlex-1.12\

Since Python has this miserable version two-three mess right now, it would be nice to have an IDE that let's the user select the version to run.

Editra that comes in the wx folder allows you to easily do that, but it does not handle input() well at al.

Ninja looks great, but again fails the input test, at least on a Windoze machine. The output console does not show the prompt or what you type in until Enter is pressed. Pretty bad!

Looks like I have to bring up IDLE or IDLEX for each version of Python.

At this time PyScripter will not work with Python34, too bad!

Finally i had decided to do in IDLE(PYTHON 3.4)

My personal vote would go to WinPython because:

  1. It provides debugging support
  2. Build in linter
  3. Good autocompletion
  4. A complete bundle which includes an IDE (Spyder) and libraries like numpy, scipy and matplotlib

I agree, WinPython is a rather complete package and you can run it on any Windows machine from a USB flashdrive.

I think they are working on the Python34 64bit package, right now you have to use Python33 64bit.

Edit, WinPython dowloads are now at ...

The input test goes a little goofy with WinPython's Spyder IDE. You have to physically move the cursor to the console output window.

I run WinPython-64bit- from my OneDrive account. Works nicely.

You can try eclipse with the pydev plugin or pycharm 3.4.1

I installed
the WinPython-64bit- package
on my Windows7 computer and it has several IDE/Editors available:
IDLE (Python GUI).exe

You can also consider the IPython Notebook an IDE, simply run file
IPython Notebook.exe
from your WinPython folder.

An interesting approach to computing.

For testing and tweaking python code the IPython Notebook works well. It is however not the worlds best editor.

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
is a joy.

There is another scientific Python package that you can download and install on Windows or Linux here:

It comes with a very functional IDE written with PyQt(Pyside), and the standard set of third party scientific packages and other good stuff.

I download
the 64bit Windows installer with Python 3.4.1

I have grown fond of the IEP IDE that comes with the
pyzo_distro-2014a.win64.exe (Python3.4.1 64 bit Windows installer)
pyzo also comes for Linux and OsX

IEP is written in Python3 and uses the Qt widget toolkit. IEP uses code and concepts that are inspired by IPython, Pype, and Spyder.

I discovered the enki editor today. It seems worth giving a try !

I gave enki a try, but it failed the simple name = input("Enter your name: ") test using it on Python34 and Windows7.

All right, I'm using it in Kubuntu on python 2.7 and it works. As it is written in python, you can perhaps get an exception traceback if you run it from a cmd window.

PyCharm is nice.
You can tell it which Python version to use.

There is a free community edition.

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