Due to a decrease in advertising profit, your favorite (and previously free) social networking site has decided to charge a monthly fee to each member. Frustrated, you set out to make your own social networking site, VisageTome.
For now, you will need to make a class to store each person's name, favorite food, and list of friends. This class should include methods to access and modify these variables. You will also need to allow the user to modify this information.

Part 1 - Make People

Create a class to store the following information for each person:
First name
Favorite food
List of friends
Allow the user to add new people to the system
Allow the user to display all data about all people in the system
Part 2 - Make Connections

Allow the user to add and remove friendships between any two people
Part 3 - Make Dinner

Allow the user to modify any person's favorite food
Allow the user to select a person and display all of that person's friends who share the same favorite food
part 4 -optional- Make Bacon

Report the Bacon Number of any person; this requires your program to begin with actor Kevin Bacon already in the system
Kevin Bacon's favorite food is bacon; do not allow the user to change this
Here, the Bacon Number should be computed via friendships:
Kevin Bacon himself has a Bacon Number of 0
Any friend of Kevin Bacon has a Bacon Number of 1
In general, a person's Bacon Number is k+1, where k is the lowest non-negative Bacon Number of any of that person's friends
If there is no possible connection between a person and Kevin Bacon, that person's Bacon Number is -1
Requirement Notes


The list of friends for each person must be a vector.
Do not allow the user to enter duplicate names into the system.
Any user input that causes your program to break or to behave incorrectly will prevent pass-off of the assignment.

A new person begins with a name and a favorite food, but no friends.
All friendships are bi-directional; do not create one-way friendships.

I have a better challenge: prove that you're not just looking to trick other people into doing your homework for you or I'll find you in violation of Daniweb's rules and act accordingly.

The quick way to prove it is that no one is required to reply... and if they don't I won't be heart broken.

And no one will be capable of replying when I lock the thread. Care to try again?

Sounds like a homework assignment...but since I'm still learning C++ I'll enjoy doing this.
Most likely not post full source code because deceptikon has an extremely valid point. Maybe the compiled version (as long as that doesn't conflict with rules

honestly, lock it up... Enjoy it c3r3alki113r :-)