i have this problem on how to calculate the amount due in our system in VISUAL BASIC.NET .
in returning module, (this is for penalty purposes), if the borrower didn't return the book on time, the system must automatically generate the amount due .
one daY is equivalent to 10(ten) pesos.
so if the borrower didn't return the book with 2 days. the amount due must be 20.00 pesos.

thank you very much to those who can answer my wonderful question..

btw..what i need is the formula.. an example code .. :)

You can do it like:

Const PenaltyPerDey As Decimal = 10D

Private Sub MyMethod()
    Dim exired As New DateTime(2012, 4, 9)
    Dim penalty As Decimal = CalculatePenalty(exired)
End Sub

Private Function CalculatePenalty(expired As DateTime) As Decimal
    Dim ts As TimeSpan = DateTime.Now.Subtract(expired)
    Dim totalDays As Integer = ts.Days
    Return CDec(totalDays) * PenaltyPerDey
End Function

I tried one method....

Assuming u will have a datetimepicker that will show the due date / it can be a label or text box also just to store the value
One label or textbox that will have a due Amount/per day that needs to be paid
last the result box to show the total amount to be paid
One button that will generate the amount

I tried the following method on button click event

 Dim d2 As DateTime 'will have the value for due date
 Dim d3 As DateTime 'will be the current date
 d2 = DateTimePicker2.Value.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy") 'formatting the date
 d3 = Date.Today
 Dim days As Long
 days = DateDiff("d", d2, d3) 'days will contain the date difference from due date to current date
 Label1.Text = days 'just storing the date difference, can comment it if u dont want
 Label4.Text = Integer.Parse(days) * Integer.Parse(Label2.Text) 'will show the result of the due amount to be paid

Are you storing these values in a database?

I would hope so. If not, you could possibly lose all information from power loss or application exit.

Yes this values shud be stored in database so that u wont miss the data and even in future u would need it....keep a column in database to store the values....

i only used textboxes,
i only used datetimepicker for the date of payment not in due date

like this Untitled66

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Does the datetimepicker contain the due date data or the current date???

In the amount text box are u going the caluclate the due amount???

The print and Save button will obvioulsy print the form but where are u saving the data???

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