I am using DispatcherTimer in my WPF application, following is the link from where I learned it


Now problem is I cant make it available outside the procedure, and declaring it globally throws error.
Is there any way to make it global?
Or any other way to use timer in WPF?

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Got the solution :)

Dim dispatcherTimer = New Threading.DispatcherTimer()

I changed declaration from above to

 Dim DispatcherTimer1 As New DispatcherTimer()

Can anybody tell me what is difference between these both declaration?
I am using .NET 3.5

 Dim dispatcherTimer = New Threading.DispatcherTimer()

Over here dispatcherTimer doesn't exist and you are setting it equal to a New Threading.DispatcherTimer() where as now

Dim DispatcherTimer1 As New DispatcherTimer()

you are creating it as a new dispatcher timer.

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