Hi all,

I have a simple OpenGL program (learnt from NeHe of course) and I've tried to implement GLSL shaders into my program. Currently, its meant to draw a cube with a shader and quit on escape. However, at the line GLenum program = glCreateProgramObjectARB(); it stops responding and closes. Would this be something to do with mismatching OpenGL versions? I'm using GLEW and GLEXT libraries in this for shader support.


Two things:

1: you should post up your code, instead of making a reference to a webpage.


2: it may not be a problem with the code, but with your graphics card.

however the best way to test if it is a file incompatability is to add this to the top of your CPP file under your header declarations

#ifdef <Version_Identifier> //replace with version identifier from  </gl/gl.h>
#if <version_identifier> > <verion_number> //also get the version number from <gl/gl.h>
#error invalid file somewhere
#endif /* error check */

if that provides no results, then it may be a graphics card incompatability.