i really hate php and javascrip but i really want to make a social network website just for fun.
so i wanted to use java, sql, and html to make. i already know these 3 languages and i know how to set a database but i dont know how to start makeing websites.

note i want to make really social website (like facebook) so other people can write comments, post photos, etc.

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How many years do you plan to take for the fantastic project?

one year or so. i need help getting started.

So if you have the HTML, DB, and server side scripting language, what help do you need? In other words, what do you mean by not knowing how to start making websites? Are you asking about hosting the site itself then or tools to develop with?

no, i dont know scripting language. thats what i trying to say i dont want to use javascript(scripting lang) or php to make this website.

i mainly just want to use eclipse(java),sql,html to make this site. i dont how can i make login page, comment section in java.

either learn gwt, or servlets and jsp.
and this would be for basic creation. best would also to implemment other frameworks, hibernate, for instance. It would decrease your workload on the DB part a whole lot.
you're saying you only want to spend one year at it. are we talking full time or just now and then?
even full time, it won't be much of a social network, I think you really underestimate the time and work that goes into something like that, not to mention the resources it'll need once you open it for the public (if that's what you're planning)

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