Hi people im back or well atleast for now -_- Gr 11 is Sh...t anyway.
Im busy making a database for myself - im using listview not sql or other cr..p (Plain)
I would like to get a guide to help me with all features of listview im new in dat area?
But the most important thing is i want to know how can i load a file into a listview which has columns and
each column has its information
Example - < Columns
Website Name
Website Location
Website Description

and its info

SingletemColum = ListDatabase.Items.Add("NewScientist", 0)
SingletemColum.SubItems.Add("For all your science needs")

so how can export it and load it ?
and how can one add records and remove if using tht type of manner?

Create a listview control
Set the View property to Details
Right click on the control and select Edit Columns
Add (and name) the columns you need (let's make it 3 columns)
Declare a listviewitem variable

    Dim newitem As ListViewItem

For each row you want to add do

    newitem = New ListViewItem
    newitem.Text = "column 1 text"
    newitem.SubItems.Add("column 2 text")
    newitem.SubItems.Add("coumnl 3 text")

For more info please see here