Recently I retrieved code of my project EXE file. And it was almost same with 100s of errors. So my question is
Is career in .NET is safe? And is our code safe?

Can this be done with other languages?

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If your concerned about your code then you need to look into obfuscation. Visual Studio comes with a free obfuscator: Dotfuscator. The free version can rename your code. So if you had some code that looked like this:

Private Function GetMoonIllumination(byval year as integer, byval month as integer, byval day as integer)
    Dim JulianDay as double = GetJulianDay(year,month,day)
End Function

Would end up looking like this

Private Function A(byval b as integer, byval c as integer, byval d as integer)
    dim e as double = f(b,c,d)
End Function

The full version of Dotfuscator allows for encryption and control flow. Control flow will add false logic to your code so it becomes even more complicated to reverse engineer.

I called them awhile back and it seems it was roughly $1,600 for it.

I use the Free version. Good enough for me.

Another benefit from the renaming is it reduces the size of your EXE by about 30% due to the shortened names.

Check it out.

Yes and no ofcourse a reverse engineer wil get your code but not all of us is that talented {also for other lang's nothing is safe;) }

The best way you can protect your code is to use these type's of programs or change your style of coding or maybe implement some security yourself :)

I know there are other Open Source Products which relates to that what reflector does
So if there's Open Source reverse programs so will there be those that implement a type of security like
.Net can be a safe career only depends on the user like you if yu take security serouisly

thanx for the reply friends, it helped me. :)

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