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I am creating a tabulating system for a bikini open. How can you create a client-sever application with database on server without using winsock control? One server for monitoring and document printing. I need client for multiple judges (atleat 5) you can add and remove. And a profile for multiple contestants.

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Just map the drive with the database on it to each computer. Link the tables from that database into your application.

Or, depending on what database you're using and how fancy you want to get, you can use ODBC or OLEDB connectivity to connect to your database server.

@Chris as long as the database is mapped in the client and server it would interact when they are connected in a network? @Bitbit it's OLEDB

Am sorry but how do map a database from another pc to your pc?

thanks@jhai salvador

@Jhai perhaps both on a different application to test which is better. So if the drive with database is connected to another drive, that has an appplication connected to it would automatically find the drive with the database?

So a MSDASQL provider could connect to odbc and oledb?

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