hello !
may God bless all of us , well i am working on a project in which i need to create a simple desktop viewer , a user can view the screen of any computer in LAN network , how can i do this , as this is very first time i am doing socket programming , please guide me where to start , what i want to perform is ,
1- just to view the screen of any computer using ip in LAN network , no need of keyboard or mouse.


The most common solution is to create a server process to be run on each computer in the lan, that will capture the screen image at video card level.
Trying to send an image through the lan is expensive, so most solutions use some kind of compression algorithm to reduce the picture size, and/or uses to send only the changing parts.
Then, a viewer will 'get in touch' with each server to receive the new picture / or updated parts, to be shown in the viewer, and compose the resulting image.

You will need to stablish some kind of protocol to exchange the info between the server an the client. The RDP (Remote Display Protocol from Microsoft) can be used for this purpose.

Also VNC has an open source solution, you can use to start.

Hope this helps

thank you so very much for your time and information :) i am trying to get out of it .


I suspect it is one of those applications that takes highly specialized knowledge. It would be like asking someone with highschool math to solve linear diophantine equations or calculate eigen values.

:P , so please can to tell where i can get any thing usefull ?

When I did 24x7 support for our control centre I used Dameware. They had a remote viewer/desktop that could be pushed from the client (me) to the remote desktop on demand. VNC required the prior installation of host software. Of course, both packages require you to have appropriate access rights. I was the sysadmin so I could pretty much do anything. The built in remote desktop (mstsc.exe) might fit the bill but if you have to connect through firewalls there might be config problems. The options for mstsc have changed since Windows XP. There used to be a /console switch that allowed you to connect to the current session. I don't see it in the switches (/?) anymore. Also, it may not be possible to connect to a remote session without blanking the screen of that session. What version of Windows is running on the client and remote machines?

Then unless the /console option is still available, the built in remote desktop is likely not an option. Unfortunately I am at the cottage and cannot check it out. I have only the one computer here.

It appears the /console switch has been replaced with /admin (in MS Remote Desktop) in Windows 7. I was able to try a test using a virtual machine, however, as I suspected, when you connect remotely, the remote desktop is locked so only the client or remote can be used at one time. As far as I know there is no way to use this merely as a remote viewer. Any attempt to unlock the "viewed" machine terminates the remote connection.