I am very new to python and have been going through all over the web to try to figure out my problem. I have small script that I would like to do something simple with. I have a number of files called soemthing like (myFile00.txt, myFile01.txt,...). Mainly this is what I would like for my scrip to do: 1) I would like it to read in the files without them being arguments when the script is called. Each file contains numbers and colors and 2) I want to see which ones are in common. Right now I am trying to use a kind of indexing but I think I have the syntax all wrong or somehting

fileOpen = open("myFile2%.txt", % fileIndex, "r")

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 fileOpen = open("myFile%2i.txt" % fileIndex, "r")

Oh wow! Thank you sos so much!

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