I have a Winforms application that I want the end-user to be able to select a radio button to determine the browser they will use(ie, firefox, chrome, opera, etc...) to perform a set of predefined queries. The problem is I want to scale the web-browser to be 800x600 no matter which browser they choose. I know how to set ie's window size using a client side vbscript, but I can only do this to ie and I don't want to use a vbscript. I was wondering if anyone knew c# function to do this.

Something like

public void SetBrowserDimensions(int x, int y, int width, int height, string browserPath)
    int browserXCoord = 0;
    int browserYCoord = 0;
    int browserWidth = 800;
    int browserHeight = 600;

    string fileLocation = browserPath;

    RectangleRectangle browserRect = new Rectangle(browserXCoord, browserYCoord, browserWidth, browserHeight);

    Process browserProcess = new Process();
    browserProcess.StartInfo.FileName = browserPath;

    // This is where I'm kinda stuck, how do I tell the process that I want it to be bound to the browserRect?
    // There has got to be a way to do this

You should be able to post a message to the browser window's handle. Read more on MSDN.