I would like to ask how to view other computer screen in the same network?

I'm not asking for the actuall code but if someone could provide I would really appreciate it.

I just want to know how will I achieve my goal? what are the things that I should look into.


There are some tools that already do that like ultraVNC(free), TeamViewer, remotePc, etc.

Tha base for all them is to create a service that will be installed and run in the machine to be viewed. This service will capture all the screen changes, keyboard keys pressed, mouse movements, sound, and any related relevant info, every time they occur. Usually, shoud have a listener function and a server function. The listener will receive the request to send the info to one remote computer and will trigger a first screen capture to send it, then the server will start to send all the intercepted changes, until the listener receives an stop sending, or does not receives an aknowledge for several amount of time.

On the viewer machine you should have an application that allows you to communicate with the service in the viewed machine, an will send the request to the listener, then start receiving the info from the viewed machine and will send an aknowledge frecuently enough for the viewed machine be aware of the viewer one. Finnaly will send an stop sending to diconnect from the viewed machine.

Is important to have in mind all the diferences between distinct OS and their corresponding versions, and remember all the security concerns.

There are some protocols you can take as an example like RDP. You can also obtain info and examples of ultraVNC here.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Fuertes,

The reason why I want to do this project is to Improve my skills in Programming.
specially in VB.Net, and just by reading your comment I already have an idea how to accomplish this, but just like what you've said I also have to consider some security measures.

please do not post same question with different wordings , this is your third one i am watching right now , bad habbit .