Hi I Have a Windows Vista installed and the computer is almost 2 years old now. Never had a problem but for the past 2 days, as soon as the Windows boots up, I get an error message 'Windows Explorer is not responding', then it says, it is looking for solutions and restarts and then after 3-4 seconds has the same problem. I have scanned it with spybot, cccleaner, and Norton Antivirus 2011, but nothing seems to help it. In normal mode, I can not do anything at all as Windows just keeps refreshing. But only in safe mode, I can browse internet and run all these anti virus software. Does anyone have an idea what the problem can be. I have searched Google and Windows help site, but not found much useful.Any help will be appreciated.

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Hey there.
You say your computer is about 2years old now. You should concider the problem being your harddrive.
One of the employees at my work's laptop freaked out this morning, that windows cant find things and what have you. Turns out the harddrive is beginning to fail. Getting bad unreadible sectors.
Thats just a theory to whats your problem. But if you cant get it to work, might want to consider that.

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