Hi geeks,
I'm using visual studio to write and execute programs. I want to create breakpoint not like software breakpoints(F9 for debugging). I want to build the project in release mode and want to have breakpoint. I heard something like _asm int 3 to create breakpoint. Can anyone explain _asm int 3 will do???
Thanks in advance.

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Think about how you want your breakpoint to work.
What happens when the breakpoint is activated?
What does the user get to do when your breakpoint is activated?
How do you want to continue from the breakpoint?

Figure out all the ins and outs of your breakpoint concept.
Once you have that designed, then you are ready to code it.

As for int 3, forget it. I doubt strongly it's what you want.


As for int 3, forget it.

Yes, because the operating system won't let your program execute interrupts. The processors on Intel based computers do not allow normal programs to use int instructions.

Here is more info about int 3 if you are really interested.

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