well, i want to create the classic "snake game" in pure c language. how to do it. should i use graphics.h or "NCurses" library. what new and cool features can i add in my game. can i add a "Background " music and any cool graphics. what new feature can i add:

like :-
1) mazes
2) new levels
3) colorful snake and food
4) controlling speed of snake

please give ur new ideas, and if possible provide the code also and explain it too. :)


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first try tic tac toe game .

Techy23: You're still using Turbo C. Do yourself a big big favor.

Drop Turbo C. Like it's on fire. Covered with ants. Ants on fire.

Get a copy of Orwell Dev C++. http://sourceforge.net/projects/orwelldevcpp/
Then add SDL to the MinGW compiler that comes with it. http://www.libsdl.org
Then you'll want to add the SDLMixer project to play cool music. And SDLImage to add cool graphics.
Grab them here:

PM me when you've done all that, and I'll send you some code to play with.

Like it's on fire. Covered with ants. Ants on fire.

Roasted ants! Yummm!!!!

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