Hello every one.

I want to create a software in C sharp for electronic notice board purpose. The following work will be done by this software;

USer(Admin) will post a new notice.
This notice will have a title and short paragraph.
The text will scroll from down to top.
This notice will have a start and end date.
on the end date, it will be automatically hidden or deleted from the list.
This will also have an edit option.

Output side:
ON the out put screen, This application will be a full scree application.
and at the same time 6 posts/notices will be displayed.

The admin side will have the following tabs
(Form 1)
HOME--To post new notices/posts.
MANAGE--To manage old posts/notices.
Preview--To view how these posts will be look like on other screen.

More over please tell me that how I would be able to show just only the output screen (form 2) on other screen connected on the same pc.

Thanks and Regards.

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Are you looking for a coding solution or are you asking how to dock a window on a second screen (i.e. drag the 2nd form to the second screen and maximise it) - because it sounds like that is all that is required.

Yes I am looking for coding solution because I don't have any idea how I'll add a new post in the admin area, and how the text will scroll and how i'll be able to show 6 results on the output scree/page. and yes start and stop date. You may consider me new born baby in programing, specially in c sharp.

I've work on wordpress, u post a new article, publish it and then u visit the site.
thats how it'll work, but not like a site, like an application.

Hope you understand what i meant...


I get the idea. Why a desktop app? Then you are restricted to how you can show the messages, unless you wanted to send messages over the network to another computer (but I'm guessing that will be too much for this project).

Basically, you have asked how to code the entire app and no one here is really going to work through it all with you.
Briefly though, the admin screen will save the messages to some form of persistant store, presumably a database so you will need to know how to insert/update/retrieve/delete data in a database.
There are a variety of .Net controls for displaying data, check them out and see which one fits your needs.
If you have actually tried some coding and hit specific problems people here will help you out but I doubt you'll find anyone who wants to walk you through the whole thing line by line.

THanks Hericles.

I got an other idea. I think no database will be required.
E.g this app will be for university notices, which will show the notifications from exam, i.t department, ims ...

Admin Side.

Admin will post a new notification.
E.G this notification will be save in exam folder in a txt file.

On User End:

On form1 load. The app will check for a folder name "Exam"
if this folder exists, then will check for a txt file(s) and will save the number of the files to an array i.
Then will read one-by-one these files and will save the text to an other array j
then if find that file, then will read the text of the file, save it to a variable and show on the form2.

What you think?

I hope i will get rid of a data base..:)



Hi Hericles.

You there?

Yeah, I'm here but I get the feeling this project is beyond your current level of .Net coding skills and you're looking for someone to walk you through it. I'm not that person.
As I said before, code something, give it a go and we'll help with particular areas you get stuck with.
Start at the admin side and look up how to save text to a file (stream writers). That will also teach you about stream readers (outputing a file) and you'll be much further along than you are now.

Glad to see you back.
You are ri8 of using database. I have also talked to my senior lecturer, he also told me that data base will store all the notifications. the most important part of the database is when your application shut down and when i will re-execute it so it will check in the database for any notification, if found then will show these notifications. He told me that if i am not going to use DB, then how my application will check for stored notifications.

I am going to start work on the project. With the passage of time, i'll post the code here (If needed) and then will discuss.

Thanks for being with me.

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