To be honest, my programming skills stink. The College textbook I have been using dosen't do it for me. And I learn better by looking at examples. However, I have not been able to find a website that offers an extensive archive of C++ code examples. From the basics such as loops to data structures, to even some more advanced things such as semaphores or RCPs. The codes should be well commented. I realize that you can google lots of examples for each, but I've tried that already and it didn't yield any great results. I've come across topcoder, too. I'm not sure yet how it works, but somebody referred to it in the sticky thread in this forum. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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There is a wiki-site maintained by a Daniweb member (daviddoria) and to which I contributed a few examples. It sounds like exactly what you are looking for: (it also includes examples in other languages, but the main one is C++, and you can also check out the Boost library examples).

Also, the "official" reference sites also have examples attached to most documentations on each library components. The "official" reference sites are:

There are also a LOT of open source projects that are written in C++ that you can review for examples. Look on, a leading site that hosts many major open source projects.

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