hi every one!

I am creating an application in vb.net with sql server 2005 at backend. I have a table PURCHASE Order with 3 colunn i.e PO_Id ,Cus_id and PO_QTY . In front end i have a SAVE button, two TexTbox 'POrder no' , 'Order Qty' and combobox 'cutomer NAME' which retrive data from other table Cus_info i.e Cus_id , Name . My qustion is that when i select cutomer name from my combo box it and save the record it will store data with cus_id in database?.
Plz help . . .

just set the combobox.valuemember = your_field_name , and where you are getting the value of combobox just use this combobox.selectedvalue .