I want to build an application to compute operations research with linear programming simplex method using Visual Basic 6.0
I need anybody help to finish my project. sample program will be helpfull.
thanks verry much I say to anybody who want to help me.


As a helping community, we can not write an entire application for you, sorry. :)

What we can do is to help you with errors, help add code etc. You need to show some effort from your side by posting code that you already have, if there's error, where the error occurs etc.

While the simplex method for optimizing linear system of inequalities can be straight forward, it is not entirely simple. Try working on a few simple systems by hand to get an insight into how the method works and then try defining the method top-down.

Start by writing down the major steps in broad terms. Then narrow each step down into substeps. Keep going until you have what can be directly turned into VB code. If you run out of ideas how to break a step down further, move onto another step that has not gone all the way to code and work on that. Come back the difficult parts later; you may have an idea of how to procede by then. Now you can start writing your code.

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