Hi Daniweb,

I am learning Chinese and it's quite hard to learn the characters. As I prefer learning by watching videos I thought it would be great it I could grab the Subtitles from the video and have them translated/annotated in a program I already made.

So - how would I go about doing that? Is there already something build that can OCR Chinese text? What would be my first steps? I'm still quite new to programming and found the best way to learn is by making small programs.

It'd be great if you could help me out. Here are two ways I could imagine it working:

  1. I start VLC player and tell the programm where the subtitles are. The programm refreshes about every second and grabs what it sees (if the subtitles didn't change in that time, the programm won't read them again) and puts the text in a variable.

  2. I make my own simple videoplayer and put the ocr feature into it. And then like in 1.

What do you recommend?