Hi all !
I have a Compaq Presario SR5610F desktop computer, Windows 7 and 5GB RAM.
I bought a video card for the computer. Its a Galaxy GeForce 210 ( 1024MB/MO DDR2 HDMI+DVI+VGA)
I put the card in the computer and fired it up. The computer automaticaly found and installed a driver called " STANDARD VGA GRAPHICS ADAPTER". The monitor screen looked normal. I did as the instructions said and I put the driver disc, that came with the card, in the computer to install the video cards driver. When I got done doing that I rebooted the computer.
The monitor screen looked worse than safe-mode on Windows XP. It's terrible and I can barely read anything on the screen. So I rebooted and went into SAFEMODE with networking and went to the NVIDIA website to get a better driver. I used thier "search" methode so thier website could locate the right driver for me. It gave me a driver and I downloaded it. I went into DEVICE MANAGER and uninstalled the driver that I had already installed. I installed the new driver, rebooted and ended up with another terrible looking monitor screen.
The 1rst driver "STANDARD VGA GRAPHICS ADAPTER" seemed to work the best but I don't think that's what I really needed.
I'm new at video cards so I can use all the advice you can offer.

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You will need to remove all nVidia drivers first, this included the original nVidia drivers that came with the PC, they are clashing, once done, reboot and then install the new drivers and choose the option 'Remove all previous settings'.

I've done everything you said to do and I still get the same results. I even put in a bigger power suppy. It had a 450W and I installed a 600W. I have tried 2 different drivers. I removed the old drivers with Driver Sweeper.
I don't know what to do. Any ideas ?

Should I try a different monitor ?

Its not a monitor issue, try this.
Remove the card, restart using the onbard 6150 video, dont install any drivers, install CC Cleaner and do a registry cleanup (Backup your registry before you do this). Shutdown, install the G210, restart then go into BIOS and set the first video to the PCI-e, restart and then try install the latest nVidia drivers again, choosing to discard all previous installation.

I did as you said. Same results. Sorry. After the reboot, I was able to see just enough of the screen to click on the Nvidia icon in the bottom right corner. When I did, it said something like ...." Nvidia display settings not available".
I think theres a different driver from the Nvidia site that I could try. The driver I used today was from the Galaxy site.
Suggestions ?

Well, that didn't work either.

Just for an experiment, I tried another video card in the computer. Its a little bit bigger, ( NVidia GeForce8400GS). I removed all the old drivers, cleaned with CCleaner, and made sure that the PCIExpress video card was selected in the BIOS.
Something didn't go right with this card either. After the driver was loaded and the computer rebooted, I clicked on the NVidia icon in the lower right corner and a popup stated that "Nvidia display settings not available. You are not currently using a display attached to an Nvidia GPU".In the DEVICE MANAGER, there is a yellow exclamation mark on the NVidia listing. When I open that listing it says under the DEVICE STATUS, " Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems.(code 43).
I'm begining to think that the PCIEXPRESS slot is bad. What are your thoughts ?

ummm, got my own clothes, thanks anyway

I sent the video card back and got a new one. It done the same thing. I believe the motherboard is bad. I'm ending this thread and just gonna use the computer as a backup. Thanks a million for everyones help !!!!!!

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