hi every body

I made datagridviewcheckedbox in datagrid ,I want to know if all checkbox column is checked

to sent messagebox to user .you must checked in datagrid checkedbox

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If you are reacting to user selection of the cell:

If myDataGridView.CurrentCell.value = true then
 'the cell has been checked
end if

If you are reacting to the user selecting a whole row (Selection mode = Row Select)
You only allow one row selection or wish the first selected row and your checkbox is in first cell :

If myDataGridView.SelectedRows(0).Cell(0).Value = True then
    'Checkbox is checked
End if

If you wish to just loop through all the rows and again the checkbox is in the first cell:

for each DataRow as DataViewGridRow in MyDataGridView.Rows
    if DataRow.Cells(0).Value = true then
        'The Cell in this row is selected
    end if