I am really new to python so please do not judge me! I want to install packages but couldnt do so. Here are the steps that I followed based on some web instructions, but I am making a mistake somewhere in the process.
1. I downloaded the setuptools 0.6c11 from the website. Then I had to specify the path under the script, so when I go to the ssytem properties it asks two things: Variable name (which is "Path") and Variable value: (I type in
"C:\Python27\Scripts" since this is, I believe, where it is located. And I also believe this is where I am making a mistake). Then I go to the windows command window and specify the path "C:\Python27\Scripts\easy_install" but it gives me an error message.
Any help is appreciated. Please do not forget that I am not a computer wizard.

First you could check the content of the folder C:\Python27\Scripts with the file browser to see if it contains easy_install.exe. You can also install this small app locate32 which can easily find any file in your system. If there is no easy_install, locate32 will find out.

The Path environment variable is a system variable which already exists in your system. You must not redefine it, but you can add folders by inserting a semi colon ; and then the path to your folder like C:\Python27\Scripts. Make sure you did that and not create another variable in the user section of environment variables.