Im having problems with the OS's FTP server so I want to write my own with its own possibilities.

The processor is x86 so it wont be for ARM or anything. The IDE is I imagine VS (2012). Some questions:

1) Where can I even start?
2) I choose C# because Im familiar with the language but is there any limitations, alternatives (such as any other .NET language), etc.
3) How do I comply for Windows CE .NET 4.20 from a Windows 7 x86 machine? What settings do I have to change in my IDE?
4) My GUI will be very simple: Stating a "home" directory, port, and a start/stop button. Nothing else.

Thanks for the help :)

How do I set the target to be a Windows CE .NET 4.20 machine in VS 2008?

Unless someone can find me a FTP Server for Windows CE .NET 4.20 with Unicode support...