Hi All,

Two questions really:

  1. Is Windows 2003 still supported? (With all the fuss about XP support ending, I'm not sure if I missed it)

  2. We have an old Windows 2003 Small Business Server as our domain controller, Exchange server and file server which is coming to the end of it's life.

We also have a Hyper-V (not service but bare bones server) with an iSCSI connection to a NASbox for the VM disks.

I'm thinking of creating an Exchange VM and Maybe getting another NASbox to use as a file server. But I'm not sure what to do with the SBS box. From my understanding of SBS, it is supposed to function as a sole domain controller and does not play well with other domain controllers. Does this mean if I want to build a replacement SBS box or move us over to a "proper" domain controller I will have to build the new machine "off of the domain" and then swap it out? Or create a new domain?

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1) Extended support to 2015
2) If you use some of the other features of SBS 2003 (or 2003 R2) you might want to upgrade to SBS 2008, unless you have outgrown it by size or number of users. Then a 2008 R2 server, set up as a new domain controller then move the other server's over to new domain. ( no more Service packs or bug fixes since 2009 for 2003 )

Unless you have grown larger than 25 users or 50 total devices, moving to 2008 SBS would be the easiest and cheapest way to go. If you have grown to large, you might want to engage a consultant for Small businesses to creat and update your backend infrastructure.

Setting up your domain for a Hyper-V exchange server is a good idea if you have grown large enough or just want to play with servers but 2008 is much more complex to do what you are saying you want to do with 2008 than 2003, if you are not a systems engeineer or Sr. level Admin I would recommend at least a meeting with a good local consultant to come up with a realistic plan.

Thanks Tigergeek,
Thats the joys of working in a small company, I'm a developer by trade but you have to be willing to try your hand at everything. I think an upgrade to 2008 SBS then may be the easiest move.

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