can you only tell how can i implement the below part. i created a class for TM(implementing :IComponent interface ) and another class called Process(implementing :IContainer interface) and created P1 and P2 are instances of Process class. and A B A' B' as instances of TM.

is this correct?

(Two processors P1 and P2 hosting four track managers A, A’, B, B’. (Note: As this is a simulation you may simulate the use of two different processors as two ‘container’ classes).)

appreciate a reply



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hi can someone give a hint on this thanks

dosen't anyone willing to give an answer?

It sounds like you are asking homework questions to an assignment that you don't understand. Sounds like you have made all your classes - so are you having troubles implementing them into an application?

Ok. What specifically are you having a problem with? Technical specifics are a MUST to get help with programming. Also, people aren't going to do your work for you. Despite the prevailance of free software and movies online, there isn't much free help ;)

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