can you only tell how can i implement the below part. i created a class for TM(implementing :IComponent interface ) and another class called Process(implementing :IContainer interface) and created P1 and P2 are instances of Process class. and A B A' B' as instances of TM.

is this correct?

(Two processors P1 and P2 hosting four track managers A, A’, B, B’. (Note: As this is a simulation you may simulate the use of two different processors as two ‘container’ classes).)

appreciate a reply



It sounds like you are asking homework questions to an assignment that you don't understand. Sounds like you have made all your classes - so are you having troubles implementing them into an application?

Ok. What specifically are you having a problem with? Technical specifics are a MUST to get help with programming. Also, people aren't going to do your work for you. Despite the prevailance of free software and movies online, there isn't much free help ;)