Objective : To successfully remove the memory chips from a RAM stick and reduce its capacity. (Ultimately be able to scale down a 2GB memory stick to a 1.5GB memory stick)
- A 200 pin SODIMM DDR2 SDRAM !!!

I would like help from RAM experts on this forum who can guide me in achieving the above.

I have downloaded some RAM datasheets of the above RAM type.

Let me know if you want me to upload them for your perusal.

I have 2 512MB SODIMMS for practicing the hardware modification.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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curiosity killed the cat ! sounds like a neat project ,but why would one want a 2 gig stick to only put out 1.5 gig ,is there a real purpose for this .just curious, i personally think there is more to it than just removing a module on the chip

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thanks for taking the time to look into the request :)

This is because my laptop has an onboard 512MB memory embedded which can't be disabled. as a result i cannot max out the RAM of 2 GB that my MB chipset supports. So 1.5 GB is the max i can go on my lappy. An additional 512 MB would come really handy as i run virtual machines on my laptop.

"i personally think there is more to it than just removing a module on the chip..."

This is the reason i haven't removed the memory banks from my spare 512 MB ram sticks yet. I would really love to get help from someone who understands a RAM architecture well to help me Guide through this modd attempt. Like i said i have 2 sticks of 512 MB RAM to expend for this attempt.



This is because my laptop has an onboard 512MB memory embedded which can't be disabled

are you sure that not in reference to allowable ram for video
don't see many laptops like that ,what is the make and model of you laptop


thanks for the replies/glance


"are you sure that not in reference to allowable ram for video
don't see many laptops like that ,what is the make and model of you laptop"

Its an 'Acer Aspire One(zg5) with an 8.9 inch screen' Infact all the 8.9' models have a 512MB RAM soldered on to the motherboard. It has only one RAM slot which, when loaded with a 2GB Stick fails to boot-up(the MB chipset by architecture, supports a max of 2GB RAM only, the additional onboard mem. results in a boot error).

However do note that there is one other laptop of a similar form factor from 'MSI' which has 512 MB onboard soldered RAM, luckily its makers have provided an option within the BIOS to disable the onboard RAM and when a 2GB stick is added to the single slot of that machine it Works! after the onboard is switched off through the BIOS.

Where as Acer have not been generous enough to provide a similar option within its BIOS like MSI. As a result 1GB Stick on the slot and 512MB max's my laptop to a 1.5GB RAM.

Hence this project set out to solve the lack.

All help will be most appreciated.


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sorry ,you called it a laptop , i for some reason don't call what you have a laptop ,i call it a netbook ,dumb i know ,i knew some netbooks have onboard ram ,

my opinion only don't take it personal but ,Acer is crap ,


:) none taken !

So a 2GB memory stick can't be reduced to 1.5 GB ?
not even worth a try ?



I am not even sure if you are serious or not, if you are, then the answer is a simple no, back to the point, the memory slot for a ZG5 is 1GB, and it max out at 1.5GB in total, the BIOS can address 2GB but theres no way you can get it to show anymore than 1.5GB as is.


just to add, for what the netbooks are meant for,(surfing the net and checking emails) , it would not need more that 1.5gig


I would still be interested in attempting it, if guided by a person who understand the RAM architecture.

This netbook is not as much a sissy as percieved by many.

A dual boot Ubuntu 11.04 with Windows 7 Ultimate running without a GLITCH !!!
a 160GB HDD,
a 3G/wifi enabled machine
1.5 GB RAM (hopefully look forward to a 2 GB RAM :))

Also my Ubuntu runs a virtual box with Windows 7 hosted as a guest OS for all my Windows apps, pause/resume on command. (and with a 2GB RAM modd i think i can just forget about performance lags when running a VM)

So far with my scope of work, i have never felt this netbook had let me down. except when playing HD content(CPU intensive). Even for this the market has a mini card which flawlessly handles HD content (at 20% CPU).

And with the weight factor it carries its a breeze to move around with it.

So you know why the owners of an aspire one never like to give up on this little wonder !!!

As far as dimsums rational is concerned...the MB architecture supports a MAX of 2 GB, having said that, the Slot is capable of supporting a 2GB stick provided excess 512 MB onboard RAM could be shed off (switched off) or shed off from a 2GB stick !!!


So a Project on reducing a 2GB RAM to a 1.5 GB would be just great !!!

So if there are people with the expertise in RAM architecture on this forum, i would love to collaborate over this project.



Hi I also have a Acer Aspire One(zg5) that i bought for my wife and she loves it. I would also like to up the RAM to the max to help with performance. I am also interested in upping the hard drive size is this possible?
What is the maximum and what do i need?
My prefered choice is the Asus Eee pc 1015 which is great for travelling.

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